Friday, January 13, 2012

TT Team Treasury Challenge #17

TT Team Treasury Challenge # 17

It's that time again! We've got a new inspo item and theme for this week! Thank you all for participating in the treasury challenge for last week. Although curating treasuries is fun and a great way to network with other artists and to give potential buyers a more in depth appreciation of your tastes, it is also a lot of work and we love it that our fantastic team members go the extra mile to make these challenges so successful! So, without further ado: TT Team Treasury Challenge #17!

This week's theme and inspiration was chosen by last week's winner Andrea Vida of Andrea's Farmhouse: Animals and Dolls.

The theme she chose for this week's challenge is,"Love Forever" The inspirational item she chose for us to feature in our loving treasuries is:

Valentine's Stuffed Black and White Love Sheep by Andrea Vida

With this fun item, great colors, and trending Valentine's Day theme, we are confident that you will have no trouble and a lot of fun curating treasuries for this week's challenge.

Remember to include the appropriate tags - TT team challenge17 (space between TT, team, and challenge 17) These tags MUST be included.

Please read this BEFORE submitting your entry:

Submission deadline will be Thursday Jan 19th midnight EST. Winner will be announced Tuesday Jan 23rd!! New challenge- Jan 24th

Let the challenge begin!!