Friday, March 23, 2012

TT Blog's Feature Seller

Hi everyone, welcome Lisa DiSciascio from Starlight Woods as our next Featured Seller!

A little about yourself? I am a mother of two girls, 10 and 16. I work full time at a 9-5 job and full time on my Etsy shop- How do I do that you ask? Well, I get up 2 hours before my girls get up for school, and go to bed late! Sometimes I even come up with ideas in the middle of the night and drag my butt to my kitchen table and start creating, lol!

What do you make? I make all of my creations out of fallen tree branches. I make rings, earrings, necklaces, key chains, wine charms and ornaments at Christmas time. I am thinking about adding cuff links to broaden my horizons into menswear....

How long have you made your product(s)? I started making these products in the summer of 2011, after so many crazy storms and many many downed trees and branches fell to the ground. I am a very innovative person and love to make use of what i have, at that time i had many branches, and still do!

How did you get started? I got started by making just key chains, my girls and I sat at the kitchen table and painted and laughed for hours. After that, we moved on to Christmas ornaments. Over time, we started thinking of so many other things to make and that's when things really started to take off.

Your favorite thing to make & why? My favorite thing to make are my rings and earrings. I love my rings because they make me smile, they brighten up any outfit and they are super durable, resin coated on both the front and back, which is great for me as I work in the garden, dig in the dirt, over all just not to delicate with my jewelry and these are made to last. As for the earrings- I just got my ears pierced now at 34 years old, just so that I can wear them!

Anything else you want to tell us? I put my heart and soul into my business and truly love what I do and want to make sure everyone that receives any of my creations loves them too!

Where can we find you?,
and my new website which is still a work in progress:

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Thanks Lisa for taking the time to answer some questions for us!

TT Team Treasury Challenge #26

It's that time again! we've got a new inspo item and theme for this week!

Thank you all for participating in the treasury challenge for last week.

This week's theme and inspiration was chosen by:

The theme for this week is: Spring Style

TAGS - TT team challenge26 (space between TT, team, challenge26), springstyle, springtrends MUST be included in treasury tags.

Post all entries in this thread - you can promote your treasury in any other thread throughout any team - however entries must be posted in this thread to be counted.

Please read the following guidelines BEFORE submitting your entry:

Submission deadline will be Wednesday 3/28 midnight EST. (Tuesday night).
Winner will be announced Thursday 3/29!!

Let the challenge begin!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Winner of the Challenge25

Congratulations to KnottyTots for winning the treasury challenge for this week! will be choosing the theme and inspiration item which will be announced tomorrow.

Winning treasury:

Stay tuned tomorrow for the new theme!