Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spotlight: EOF team Treasury Challenge

Since this was our first week of holding treasury challenges for both the EOF team and the Top Treasury team, we didn't have "winners" to spotlight and pick the weekly theme.
We did however pick two amazing shops at random!
This is our first spotlight for the EOF team treasury challenge inspiration item and shop. Enjoy!

EOF team Treasury Challenge #1 9/21

Shop: BlueLucyStudios
Inspiration item:
Theme: This is Halloween

EOF team: Hi there! Please tell us a little about your shop:
BlueLucyStudios: Hi! I'm Brenna White from BlueLucy Studios. I am an artist working and living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest - Portland, Oregon to be exact. I love it here! I am in love with the fact that I live in a place where I have easy access to the mountains, the ocean, the desert, and the "big" city. Oregon is wonderful - don't let the rain stop you from visiting!
I have been working in the arts for about eleven years and have always been interested in pattern and color. When I start working on a painting - I work to squeeze in as much pattern as possible and load my brush so that I put down the brightest colors possible. You should be able to find a new detail every time you look at one of my paintings.

EOF: How did "5 Little Pumpkins" come about? What was your inspiration?
BLS:I am so honored to be the first artist to have their piece featured in a challenge and to be a judge for all of these amazing treasuries! So a little about my featured image - "5 Little Pumpkins". Well, first, I love Fall and Halloween! I love the oranges and purples, the dark starry skies, the candy, the kids, and just the magic that the season brings. I created "5 Little Pumpkins" from a wonderful childhood memory from my second grade music classroom. It is one of those memories that remains clear despite the amount time that has passed.
In Mrs. Ray's second grade music class we all stood around in a circle on the carpet and sang Halloween songs. Our favorite song of all was "The 5 Little Pumpkins". We would all stand in a circle, facing each other, and sing the words as we joyously played out all the hand motions. We would try to make "there are witches in the air" the spookiest line of all. But, when we got to the end and sang "...and the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight" we would all roll our hands so fast that we would collapse to the ground in giggle fits! I wanted to capture the fun and free feelings of those days as a kid. To illustrate exactly what I thought happened on Halloween night, long after we had eaten too much candy and gone to sleep with sore cheeks from laughing and sore feet from our trick or treat travels.

EOF: Is there any thing else you would like to share?
BLS: Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this great challenge. I have seen many, many fantastic treasuries so far and hope they keep coming!! Have a great time with your treasuries and Happy Halloween to everyone!

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