Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spotlight: EOF Treasury Challenge Winner

Congratulations to the EOF team treasury challenge WINNER:

This week's inspiration item is:
We asked our featured team winner a few questions about the inspiration item chosen and her shop. Enjoy!

EOF team: What is the theme for this week?
MirroredSkyCreations: With Imagination, Anything Is Possible

EOF: Why have you chosen this theme?
MSC: I absolutely love imagination! Just to think that anything you imagine can become real, is mind-blowing. I have a crazy and wild imagination and slowly but surely it's coming out in my's sometimes difficult because you are literally allowing others into your head and heart, and that can be a bit scary, not just for me, but for others as well!

EOF: Which item from your shop have you chosen?
MSC: This item has had several name changes....perhaps I should just give it a symbol and call it "The Necklace Formerly Known As...." - right now it's named "Ozzy's Choker Chandelier" - yes, as in Ozzy Osbourne!

EOF: Please tell us why you chose this item:
MSC: I chose this item as it's one of the first pieces I made and just love it! It's crazy, cool, absolutely unique and one of a kind and totally imaginative and 'out there'.

EOF: What was your inspiration when creating this item?
MSC: I am a total rocker chic at heart... love fairytales and fantasy...and I tried to merge the two worlds...I can totally see a Rocker Princess rocking this out... I do have a disclaimer on it as I don't want to be sued for any broken teeth or nose should heavy head banging occur while wearing it....seriously.

EOF: Tell us a little about your shop/you:
MSC: Mirrored Sky is still in it's infancy stage. I began with jewelry designing January of this year. I have always loved all sorts of art, designing, creating, writing etc. What was meant to be a venture (finally) into clothes designing, turned into making jewelry. I took an old piece of jewelry I had, combined it with some other pieces, and voila! A new love affair was born. I would like to eventually and very soon begin the other part of Mirrored Sky which will be clothes designing, which is something I have always loved to do even at the age of four when I made my first Barbie doll clothes. As long as I can continue to create, in whatever venue, then I will be a happy girl.
I am married to a wonderful man who encourages me daily to pursue and engage my creativity and he's my biggest fan and supporter. We have two beautiful and talented daughters and a rambunctious german shepherd.

EOF: What advice do you have for others about creating treasuries?
MSC: Just go for it. I love making treasuries for many many reasons. One, there is SO much awesome stuff on Etsy and this give you a chance for awesome discoveries. The imagination and talent is uber crazy! I will sometimes start with a certain theme in mind and then 3 or 4 themes later, I can sit back and smile. And I guess that's when I know it's done, it makes me smile. It would be awesome to land on the Front Page of Etsy but when making a treasury, that isn't always my goal... I'm trying to really showcase the artists and their items and share them with others.

EOF: Please let us know anything else you would like to share:
MSC: I am on Facebook at
and Twitter at
Thanks for checking me out!! winka-winka!

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