Wednesday, October 19, 2011

EOF treasury challenge #5 10/19

it's that time again! we've got a new inspo item and theme for this week!

Thank you all for participating in the treasury challenge for last week. MsMaude's necklace was featured in 31 treasuries and now has over 190 page views!

This week's theme and inspiration was chosen by:

The theme for this week is: 22 October is.... Make a Difference Day or National Nut Day -

***note!! you may choose to do EITHER theme OR both themes and can submit TWO separate treasuries this week. - BOTH treasuries need to include the inspo item ** we will have TWO winners next week.

the inspiration item for this week is:

TAGS - EOF teamchallenge5 (space between EOF and teamchallenge5) & Makeadifference (no space) OR Nationalnutday (no space) MUST be included in treasury tags - please also include in the description of the treasury WHICH THEME YOU HAVE SELECTED.

Post all entries in this thread: - you can promote your treasury in any other thread throughout any team - however entries must be posted in this thread to be counted.

Please read the following guidelines BEFORE submitting your entry:

Submission deadline will be Monday 10/24 midnight EST. (Sunday night).
Winner will be announced Tuesday 10/25!!

Let the challenge begin!!

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