Friday, October 7, 2011

Spotlight: Top Treasury Challenge Winner

Congratulations to the Top Treasury team challenge WINNER:


This week's inspiration item is:

We asked our featured team winner a few questions about the inspiration item chosen and her shop. Enjoy!

Top Treasury team: What is the theme for this week?
NouveauTique: Victorian Gothic

TT: Why have you chosen this theme?
NT: I love the idea of this theme for October and Halloween, and think it will inspire some amazing treasuries - ghost stories, vampire tales, romance, drama, Victorian fashion...I can't wait to see them all!

TT: Which item from your shop have you chosen?
NT: I have chosen my Black and White Cameo Pendant Necklace.

TT: Please tell us why you chose this item:
NT: I chose this necklace because I think it fits best with the theme I have chosen, and because I love all the different directions that a treasury can go with a black and white inspiration item.

TT: Tell us a little about your shop:
NT: All of my pieces are one of a kind, made using jewelry and supplies that I find in antique/resale/thrift shops and at estate sales. I buy things that catch my eye and am always thinking "what can I make with that?" and "I wonder who owned this before?" Everything is then deconstructed and the different bits and pieces are used to design and create new items with a modern-vintage feel to them. The idea of taking things that were once treasured but now are unwanted or broken and creating brand new pieces out of them really appeals to me. And I found a way to combine my two favorite things: shopping and making jewelry! :)

TT: What advice do you have for others about creating treasuries?
NT: Whether or not it for a treasury challenge, I always begin by selecting an inspiration item. Then I will search for other items that have a similar look, feel, or a color or trait that the inspiration item has. Once I have a few items selected, a theme and a title will come to me. You don’t necessarily need to have a title and theme before you begin. My best advice is just go with it and have fun being creative!

TT: Please tell us anything else you would like to share:
NT: "My name is Lisa and I am a treasury addict." LOL :)

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