Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spotlight: Top Treasury Challenge Winner

We asked our challenge winner a few questions about the theme for this week and their shop. Enjoy!
What is the theme for this week?
Blue Christmas

Why have you chosen this theme?
Christmas is fast approaching and it's a good way for people to do some gift buying.

What was your inspiration when creating this item?
When I first found the pattern for it it was done in white, and since I love color I decided to add color to it, then I thought it still needed a little something so I added the silk roses and this is the end result. I had previously done one in purple and it sold so I thought let's try blue.

Tell us a little about your shop:
Everything in my shop is hand crocheted by me. My shop is small because almost everything is custom made so they can't be made ahead of time. The name doilies keep me so busy that it doesn't leave a lot of crochet time for any other items. (I sell on ebay also), I work 4 days a week outside the home as well as babysit a 2 year old 3 days a week. I do have plans to get more items made to sell in the future.

What advice do you have for others about creating treasuries?
Pick things you like and just have fun with it.

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