Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spotlight: Treasury Challenge Winner

It just so happens that our winner for the EOF team challenge also happens to be our winner for the TT team challenge!


This week's inspiration item for the EOF team is:

This week's inspiration item for the TT team is:

We asked MsMaude a few questions about her items and the theme's she's chosen.

EOF Team: What is the theme for this week?
MsMaude: Emerald City

EOF: Why have you chosen this theme?
MM: It has much to do with where I live, the inspiration item, and where my head is at much of the time. And none of those things are the same which means there are a lot of ways to interpret Emerald City. :)

EOF: Which item from your shop have you chosen?
MM: Green Velvet & Taffeta Statement Necklace

EOF: What was your inspiration when creating this item?
MM: It's one of the first things I ever made, and the piece that gave me the courage to open a shop on Etsy. A couple of months ago, I came across a few tutorials and realized crafting isn't as terrifying as I always thought. I kept practicing & ended up with about 50 flowers of various sorts (and in varying condition!). At that point, I realized my daughter could only wear so many barrettes, so Ms Maude was born.

TT: What is the theme for this week?
MM: Girly

TT: Why have you chosen this theme?
MM: I've always been a girly-girl. It's on record that my first words as a baby were "pretty flowers". I am blessed to have a daughter who is well on her way to out-girling her mama, which is fine by me! She just turned 7 years old & I thought it would be fun to celebrate that here. So Le Petit Maudette and all you girly-girls out there, we hereby salute you with frilly treasuries!

TT: Which item from your shop have you chosen?
MM: Necklace in Silver & Plum

TT: What was your inspiration when creating this item?
MM: Oops...look at me getting ahead of myself...
Um, see "Why Have You Chosen This Theme"

TT: Tell us a little about your shop:
MM: Ms Maude opened about 6 weeks ago. Currently, most of my product is hair accessories; although I've also got brooches, necklaces, a couple of hats, a kid scarf & a handful of pillows (my those are big hands!). Oh, and a cute little purse, too. I am a full-fledged, card carrying thriftaholic - which is where 99% of my material comes from. I've torn apart many a shirt to create my flowers - oh, right - flowers are my thing at Ms Maude, forgot to mention that.
But yes, I'm all about reduce, reuse, recycle when it comes to crafting. Not even adorable little baby girl outfits are safe around me (see pink velvet flower).

TT: What advice do you have for others about creating treasuries?
MM: First & foremost - thank the good Lord everyday that you're surrounded by completely AMAZING artists here on Etsy. The talent on this site is mind boggling.
For me, I really like to focus on color. You have so much freedom to bounce around to different categories and include some really unique pieces that may have nothing to do with each other, except for being the same color.
Lastly, I don't often begin a treasury with a theme in mind. It usually starts with either a color, or a couple of pieces that I really like. It's so cool when a theme starts to magically appear after finding 5 or 6 items. Then I'm spurred on...excited to see what else I can find to round it all out.
But you know, in regard to the last two...sometimes those methods work out great, other times, not so much - but you absolutely can not create a "blah" treasury considering all there is to work with on Etsy! I take comfort in that. :)

TT:Anything else?
MM: I'm married to a super hard working, super handsome guy who comes home exhausted each day so I can stay home with our babies (ages 3, 7 and almost 9). The big kids are in school all day so I pal around with the little dude & craft when he naps and when he's otherwise distracted (you know - those really productive 3 minute increments). Fortunately, he really loves looking at a lot of the creations on Etsy, so I usually have a lot of time to create treasuries. yay!

Enter our challenge and use MsMaude's items in a treasury here:

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