Sunday, November 6, 2011

Spotlight: Top Treasury Challenge Winner

We asked our challenge winner a few questions about the theme for this week and their shop. Enjoy!
What is the theme for this week?
The theme for the week is Holiday Sophistication.

Why have you chosen this theme?
Why have I chosen this theme? It's Party Season, of course! Time to start planning wardrobes, sending out invitations, designing tabletops and decorating our homes and businesses!

What was your inspiration when creating this item?
I have chosen Shabby Chic Boho Shoulder Bag for the inspiration item.

I always let my designs be inspired by the fabrics in my collection. This bag began with the beautiful woven design of the bag's front.

Tell us a little about your shop:
I began listing my bags on Etsy in May 2011

What advice do you have for others about creating treasuries?
I love making treasuries. I start off by trolling my favorites list for a piece that strikes my fancy that day. Sometimes, on my good days, it leads to some type of story that unfolds as I gather pieces together. Color, theme, rhythm, texture, balance. Try to always love them!

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