Saturday, November 12, 2011

Spotlight: Top Treasury Challenge Winner

We asked our challenge winner a few questions about the theme for this week and their shop. Enjoy!
What is the theme for this week?
The theme I choose is "Love mother earth - eco-friendly gift guide"

Why have you chosen this theme?
I choose this theme because I really try to make sustainable stuff, using organic yarn, eating organic food and so and I hope that people will choose to make a gift both to their beloved and to mother earth this year, We have to be proud to make things that are both unique and not harming for other people and the environment.

Which item from your shop have you chosen?
I choose these felted bangles because I enjoy a lot to play with yarn to make them using every bit of yarn collected from my wolly tour. And I love also the picture taken on a root find during winter on the beach.

What was your inspiration when creating this item?
I like a lot to crochet in round, in fact you will find a lot of stuff crocheted in round in my little shop, when I start to make felted bangles I want to make something at the same time cool and simple, a little wabi-sabi piece of jewelry to spice up winter clothes

Tell us a little about your shop:
:-D I think i can speak for one or two days about it, it was a lot of time that I didn't make something creative with my hands (well except cooking!!!) and I came back after falling in love with a hank of gorgeous organic undyed wool. I start crocheting again and I just can't display everything in my home and giving to friends so I try etsy and I love the supportive atmosphere that I found and also the international friendship

What advice do you have for others about creating treasuries?
Don't hesistate to bookmark beautiful objects weather you would like to buy them or only dreming on them, my favourites are always a source of treasury because I put in my coffer those precious things that I find everyday in etsy. I'm really amazed about how many faboulous artist are selling their creations on Etsy.

Please include anything else you would like to share:
I would like to thanks all the team because it's a very supportive one!!!

A big hug from Italy

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