Friday, March 16, 2012

Featured Seller

I like to introduce our Featured Seller, also one of the Leader of the TT Team (along with our the sister teams EOF and AP) Miranda from Dominican Lounge

Here is a gorgeous pair of her Larimar earrings:

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am single mother of a teen, his name is Rafi. He is a soccer player. My online shops are my full time venues after I quit my day job, 2 years ago.

What do you make? I work with Larimar and Dominican Amber , I chose these materials because they are only mined in my country so I though it was a great chance to be different.

How long have you made your product(s)? Started this journey 3 years ago

How did you get started? Well it's a long story but I started selling online Dominican coffee and Dominican Souvenirs in other marketplaces, but 3 years ago I made some gifts for friends and they encouraged me to sell my crafts online. I heard about Etsy and here I am, being an addict treasury's curator and making friends.

Another great pair of earrings:

What is your favorite thing to make & why? I love to make treasuries, I can spend a whole day sitting at my desk browsing around. I enjoy Etsy's talented Community.

Anything else you would like us to know? I love to be here and help promote others. I feel I should show some love to the readers and would like to offer a special discount in case you need any gifts or supplies from my shop. For my Etsy's shop please use coupon code LARIMAR15 and I will give 15% off your order and if you need Dominican coffee or any souvenir from my country, please use coupon LOVE COFFEE at and receive a 7% Off your order.

Where can we find you:!/drlounge

Have a question for Miranda, ask it here!

Want to be a featured seller on our blog, here is how: 1. Follow us here 2. Post your favorite item from our Featured Seller on our Etsy Thread 3. Favorite Amy's shop at Etsy. A new seller will be drawn randomly and I will contact you get all your information.

Thanks Miranda for taking the time to answer some questions for us!

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  1. WOW thank you so much Cari and thanks all for taking the time to read a little bit about me !